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I feel like a generation of of lost and broken dreams.


You must have left your skin in my bed,

a layer of cells to replace the sheets.

Or did I imagine you here—

hands coaching, coaxing,

hoaxing, scorching?

No, that was your work,

and now I’ll slip into your suit

(my cocoon),

waiting to be reborn

looking like you—

so you might love yourself more.

— By Caitlin Johnson

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Cowgirl by Bruce Timm
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6 months in jail for being a responsible father.

How!! How, do you possibly justify that

By not doing what you’re told to do by the state. They say pay $100 and then you pay $110, you legally broke the contract.

this is a gross miscarriage of justice. ridiculous. it’s like a black man is literally not supposed to win or be left alone when he is doing right in this bullshit nation

He didn’t even know of the change?? Fucking entrapment… Heaven forfend people see a ‘good’ Black father, amirite?

And I remember when this story broke, reddit went all Sherlock Holmes trying to find anything from his past that would make him look like a bad person and a bad father.
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1910, Later Altered
National Museum of Finland
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Marianela Nunez in Giselle.
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